About Us

BioTek Labs is a national ancillary service company that specializes in Immunology Therapy with a unique and proprietary method of testing and treating allergies. We bring tried and true immunological medicine for treating airborne allergy sensitivities to the primary care space. Our immunotherapy is created on site and is unique to each patient's sensitivities.


Begun by partners George Beauchamp and Brian Panessa out of a desire to see a resurgence in the private, Family Practice culture, theirs was a vision of joining the trusted local physician with often referred speicalist business, in this case allergic response therapy. Their answer was an ancillary, in-house service relating to environmental sensitivities.  Specific mode of attack was to test via the body and its innate immunosystem of resistance and histamines that if off balance could alter the very life and health of the individual caught unaware of their vulnerability.  Hence BioTek Labs, borne out of a desire to affect patients at their core system, creating a process that encourages the body to rejoin the fight against invading allergens and the subsequent impact on the well being of the patient affected.  Housed inside of an existing practice, self-sufficient and turnkey, established for the ease of installation and administration, BioTek Labs provides a natural immunotherapy program proven for years to be at the cutting edge of results, ease and affordability.

If your physician does not yet have this revolutionary service at their practice, please, refer them to us and let's see if we can't get near you and make the kind of permanent impact that can only be described as life changing.  The test itself is roughly twenty minutes, and you get your results before you leave--you will know exactly what it is that is affecting your health so greatly, and then have an enlightening conversation with one of our certified technicians to see if the program might be just what you are looking for.  Area Allergists--a specialty that has seen a declining population of practicing physicians year over year--are known to have months of waiting lists to even see IF they can take you as a patient.  On the contrary, we can have your insurance prequalified, your test analyzed, a personal and unique treatment program created from scratch on site and your care beginning in as little as two weeks!

We fit into a busy life allowing treatment from your primary care doctor without the additional expense and hassle of going to a referred Specialist.  And the satisfying feeling is knowing that our all natural treatment is also effective.  Roughly 85% to 95% of first year patients experience full reversal of effects of sensitivity to environmental stimulants and allergens!  Yes, that's accurate, so too is the fact it is life long.  Once your body knows how to defend itself you need not get "boosters" or "updates", though studies show a two year commitment to the program will yield the most durable and effective results, it's more about helping your body learn how to fight the myriad of things that bombard you daily.  We can help and we love the opportunity to discuss it!

BioTek Labs is your practice within a practice, and we aim to never see you again!  If we do our job, there is no reason you should, let's see about beating those stubborn and debillatating ailments you suffer from seasonally today.  It's our pleasure.   And George and Brian wouldn't have it any other way, it was a small business at start, and growing into the Industry Leader of the Immunology field is flattering but not why we do what we do.  It's to make a footprint, and to leave a patient, one at a time, healthier and better for having visited us, and truly just the once.  We intend to reverse the trend of medicine for a "minute" and make it for a lifetime.  

See our information and locations to see if a visit to talk about your long term health might just be what's needed.